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Gypsy app helped me getting along with some new made friends, arranging a simple potlock in my neighborhood.

- Madhusmita Panda


I love Gypsy. Now I dont have to worry about location search, manage my trips, find new travel buddies or local events, Gypsy has got me covered all in one app.

- Supriya Mhatre


This app kept track of my tickets and sharing of expenses was made easy by simply adding the expenses of my friends.

- Kelvin Kris


I liked the Gypsy options which connect people on this platform and satisfied with the overall service also would like to mention it helped me to connect with local authentic food options.

- Sunil


I love travelling,Thanks to GYPSY, now I not only have my ways to find travel buddies but it also works as a 24 x 7 tourist guide for me to explore more and more places.

- Prerika Arora


Gypsy has helped me to organise my travel and helped me socialise and meet like minded people when on move. Gradually this app turns out to be one of my essential mobile applications.

- Charchit Pagdhare


Gypsy was designed based on the experiences of travelers and challenges they have faced
Makes unplanned socialising easy and fun for people who travel imprompt

Meet People

We believe humans get a lot done, not only because we're smart but because have more avenues to socialize.

Local Cuisine

By seeking out local cuisines, we find a place more interesting than we ever thought possible.

Personalized Meets

Exercise the privacy by making your itch private and available to selected people.


Unplanned Escapes

Travel offers something that you will never learn from school. Pictures help, but the stories behind them are better.

Local tours

Enjoy local legends better with guides from the place. Even better, find them on the fly.

Showcase Talent

If you are good at something, why not flaunt it and make new friends.


Track Your Trips

Trips takes care of your itinerary, tickets, documents and everything else want to do on a trip.

Itinerary Management

Nothing better than having a consolidated & organized view of your itinerary.

Organise Documents

Don't juggle your bags to fetch the relevant documents

Sharing Memories

Cherish your memories from the trip with your loved ones.

Share Expenses

Manage and settle your expenses while travelling in a group

Salient Features

Connecting Humans with AI to improve Humanity.

Deep Learning

Share your ticket and our AI agent will create your itinerary in the app.

Share Media

Share content with your friends even when the internet is not present.

Safety & Emergencies

Connect with the local help desk and emergency services swiftly.


Doris, our AI agent, helps you use the app on your command.



Make your travel simpler by using AI enabled GYPSY

Download Gypsy

Let's socialize and connect with people as we explore local and international communities from over 200 countries. Invite your friends to sign up and get their first quarterly subscription free by using your unique user code.
You can earn upto $50 subscription by inviting more friends and sharing your code.










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